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Natural Gas

Natural Gas - the Natural Choice for CHP

Natural gas CHP is a particularly exciting opportunity for commercial and industrial premises because it allows for carbon and fuel savings, whilst still benefitting from the relatively low price and stable supply of mains gas. Natural gas CHP is a proven technology that can see electricity generated onsite for 1/3 of the price of grid supplied electricity, plus double the amount of heat for free.  

Full financial payback is usually achieved through energy cost savings in 3-10 years, making this a compelling proposition for organisations with high electricity and heat demand.  Hotels, hospitals, swimming pools, food and drink industries can usually profit from CHP. Installations are usually significantly more compact than renewable heating systems making them a realistic option for many urban properties. They can of course be integrated with renewables. With heat pumps large heat loads can often be met at very low operational cost.

Click here to read how The George Hotel in Perth have benefitted from their Viessman Combined Heat and Power Installation. 

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To get the ball rolling we need information on your current/ estimated fuel consumption.  The more accurate the data, and more tailored our quote can be.  Key data is: 

·         Electricity demand:  kWh per year with information on the base load and any peaks/ drops in demand

·         Heat demand:  kWh per year and/ or current expenditure, with temperature your system runs at. 

We look forward to finding the best solution at the best price for your individual requirements. 

CHP systems usually qualify for Enhanced Capital Allowances meaning that 100% of the cost can be written off against profits in the year of investment. Interest free loans are usually available up to £100k for the Scottish SME sector through Resource Efficient Scotland. Larger organisations often qualify for the Carbon Trust Loan Scheme provided by Siemens Financial Services. Systems can generally also be leased.

EC Power – Our Preferred Supplier for Smaller Natural Gas CHP Projects.

EC Power is a Danish manufacturer of market leading systems that are suitable for new build and retrofit applications. Their range   of electrical outputs is 6-20kWe per individual unit but cascades of up to 4 appliances are often used.

Viessmann -  Our Preferred Supplier for Larger Projects.

Viessmann’s CHP division manufactures units [Vitobloc] with electrical outputs from 50kWe to 140kWe which again can modulate down to 40% and work in cascade configuration.


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