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Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Glendevon Energy supply and install a range of Ground source Heat pumps to assure high performance levels for both domestic and commercial properties. Whether for a new build or renovation, bore holes, aquifers or trenches, our expertise is in tailoring the best possible system to your property and requirements. See Case Studies.

As a NIBE VIP Installer Company we are able to offer new customers an Extended Parts and Labour Warranty for 7 years on all their Ground Source Heat Pumps.  NIBE Energy Systems Ltd (a subsidiary of NIBE Heating) is a Swedish Manufacturer committed to sustainable construction and specialising in providing high-tech, energy-saving solutions for heating, ventilation, cooling and heat recovery.

OCHSNER Wärmepumpen GmbH offers a wide range of solutions for domestic hot water, heating and active cooling as well as Industrial Heat pumps for large buildings and commercial applications.  They were one of the first companies in Europe to manufacture heat pumps on an industrial scale, and now sell to countries across Europe including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Denmark, Sweden, Spain and Norway.   

An appropriately sized and installed heat pump system can significantly reduce your carbon emissions, whilst also saving on fuel bills against oil, LPG and electric storage heaters. Combine this with the Renewable Heat Incentive (Domestic RHI and Non Domestic RHI), and Energy Saving Trust loans and there has never been a better time to invest in a heat pump.

The performance of your Ground Source Heat Pump can be monitored remotely with an internet connection, to promote the highest possible efficiencies and your ongoing comfort and confidence with the system.

  • NIBE Uplink is a brand new system that allows users to monitor and manage their heat pumps remotely from anywhere in the world via their own online control centre. The technology provides control and convenience for ends users, property managers and installers alike.
  •  OCHSNER OTE 3 (See P24-26) is the new interior climate manager system which puts the emphasis on intelligent user friendliness when controlling your heat pump. The controller enables the customer and installer to promote a high level of comfort, energy efficiency and operational safety.  

Outputs for Ground Source Heat Pumps go from 5kW to 1000kW.  Glendevon Energy are MCS accredited so Heat Pumps up to 45kW output (or more in Cascade) can be MCS accredited and registered for Domestic and Non Domestic RHI.  For Ground Source Heat Pumps can run off single or three phase electricity supplies.  Single phase 230V systems run up to 16kW, or more in cascade depending on your electricity supplier.  Three phase 400V systems are available across domestic and commercial applications as single systems or in cascade


Key Features of the Glendevon Energy GSHP Range

  • Efficient systems for domestic and commercial use
  • Easy to use yet sophisticated energy saving controls, including weather compensated heating, touch screen programmers and smart phone controls
  • Active and natural cooling functions available to create a pleasant room climate in summer
  • Can be combined with Solar Thermal and Solar PV systems, or docked with oil/ gas heating to form a multi-mode system
  • Quiet operation through sound-optimized appliance design
  • Lower operating costs through high levels of performance
  • Space saving appliances
  • Remote monitoring and remote control options
  • Flow temperatures up to 65°C
  • Extended Warranty options available

Products & Information

Please find brochures for key products in the Glendevon Energy range:

Download PDF - NIBE Ground-Source Heat Pumps 5-60kW (3.51MB)

Download PDF - Ochsner Heat Pumps 2-1000kW (3MB)

Download PDF - Ochsner High Capacity Heat Pumps (3.1MB)


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Ground Source Heat Pumps Ground Source Heat Pumps