Glendevon Energy can send a sample of the fluids in your Biomass Heating System for testing.  These are the fluids that circulate round your distribution system – including passing through your Radiators, underfloor Heating, Wood Chip/ Wood Pellet/ Log Boiler, Buffer Tank and/ or Hot Water Cylinder.  Having appropriate levels of inhibitor is vitally important to avoid the risk of corrosion, limescale build up and biological growth.  If not prevented or treated these issues cause poor circulation with solid matter clogging up pipes and radiators.  Even more serious is that they also cause corrosion which leads to leaks and potentially very expensive repairs.  We were recently called to a Wood Pellet District Heating System with a hole in the 3,000L Buffer Tank in Highland Perthshire, the damage being caused by corrosion after just 7 years.  On another occasion we found significant fungal growth in a feed and expansion tank that had caused poor performance for a domestic customer in Dalwhinnie for some time. 


In treatment and repairs, once we have the fluid test results we can propose the most appropriate course of action.  We may be able to top up fluids already in the system or introduce and circulate fluids for the first time.  However, once corrosion and/ or biological growth has taken hold it involves draining the heating system down, flushing it with clean water and chemical cleaner, filling, flushing and draining the system again before re-filling with clean water and circulating appropriate levels of inhibitor.  Plus repairing any leaks that may have been caused by the old fluids.  Some customers, especially those with older pipework and/ or District Heating Schemes, also fit a magnetic & particulate filtration system.  This can help to filter out any solid matter to keep the fluids clean.  These filters start at 50micron and stages down to 0.5micron.  These are aimed at larger systems of 1,000L plus. 


In conclusion, prevention is key!  Contact us to request a water sample of your system by calling 01577 840579 or email