Glendevon Energy sell, install and service biomass systems from 8 – 700kW, and offer a range of wood pellet, wood chip and log systems. We have in house engineers with extensive experience and expertise, and a network of domestic, commercial and light industrial biomass customers across Scotland – visit our Projects Page to find out more or call us on 01577 840579 to arrange to visit a Glendevon Energy installed biomass system.

We are MCS Registered for Biomass and as Innasol Certified Partners we are authorised ETA installers. We have also been working with Windhager UK since 2005 so have extensive experience of their boilers. With a commitment to quality, competitive pricing and the best system for your site, we will tailor our recommendation to your needs and preferences.

For Wood Pellet Boilers we can offer manual or autofeed systems, and we can upgrade existing systems to autofeed. We work with customers to provide off the shelf wood pellet stores, or to help specify custom built solutions on site. Cascade Systems can be very effective for customers with a varied heat load, and boilers can be installed in a utility room/ shed/ plant room or space up to 20m from the fuel store. Sophisticated controls, including remote access, are available, and Glendevon Energy can offer differing levels of maintenance to optimize performance and promote longevity of the system.

For Wood Chip Boilers we recommend ETA but can work with Herz and Froling to ensure choice and the right boiler, buffer tank and controls for your requirements.

Glendevon also specify and/ or fabricate Energy Cabins for a versatile boiler and fuel store that can be designed to suit your location and requirements. Manufactured off-site, including fitting out with boiler system and biomass store they can be clad/ painted to suit your premises. Once delivered to site it is simply a case of connecting into the heat distribution pipework and electrical supply. The benefits to off-site manufacture include minimal disruption on-site, reduced installation risk and reduced health and safety issues. Customers have included Badaguish Outdoor Centre, the Forestry Commission and Ardtoe Marine Research Facility. Contact us to discuss the options or visit an existing installation.

Biomass is a local fuel source that is virtually carbon neutral and can offer financial payback against oil, lpg and electric heating systems. Biomass systems can also qualify for the Domestic and Non Domestic Renewable Heating Incentives, and there are interest free/ low interest loans available through the Energy Savings Trust, Carbon Trust and Private funders – visit our Funding Page to find out more.


For information on Glendevon’s servicing and maintenance service click here. Contact our team on 01577 840579 or email to discuss how Glendevon Energy can meet your requirements

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