This 25kW wood pellet boiler system replaced an oil system and qualifies for Domestic RHI …

Domestic Biomass, Perthshire

The owners of this property near Kirkmichael in Perthshire chose Glendevon Energy to supply and install the ETA PC 25kW Wood Pellet Boiler for their heating and hot water.

As Mrs. Hunter says “We chose Glendevon energy because they have a lot of experience of installing biomass and we felt we could trust their recommendations for our house. The boiler is very easy to program and much quieter and more efficient than we expected and was installed with a minimum of disruption”.

The wood pellet boiler replaced an existing oil boiler and compliments a vacuum tube solar thermal system already installed by Glendevon Energy in 2010.  Located in a cloakroom to the rear of the property the boiler heats an existing radiator system and is currently manual feed – the owners may upgrade to auto feed in the future.

Glendevon commissioned the boiler on 1st April 2014 and the customers received confirmation from Ofgem on 1st May 2014 that their Domestic RHI application for a wood pellet system had been successful.

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