Glendevon Energy are delighted to be the Service Partners for the SSES Coanda Screen Cleaning System….

Glendevon Energy are delighted to be the Service Partners for the SSES Coanda Screen Cleaning System…  Launched at the British Hydro Power Conference in November, it is already proving a success for Rumbling Bridge Community Hydro Scheme in Scotland.

Hugh Wallace explains how the partnership came about, and why we feel it offers an exciting way forward for hydro schemes with coanda screens across the UK…

“Our experiences of O&M for Rumbling Bridge have highlighted that hydro output can be heavily dependent on the level of  manual weir cleaning.    The relatively harsh winter of 2017/18  saw significant levels of organic matter causing blockages on the weir/ screen, resulting in sub optimum yields  and,  at  times  complete shut downs when we should have been at peak production.     Health and Safety was another major consideration with it proving impossible to enter the river beyond a certain point. At all times entering the river is of course  less than ideal.

Armed with first hand knowledge of the practical challenges and financial implications of  keeping ones weir clean we found the Canadian hydro owner & operator,  SSES  were starting to market their own solution.  Relations developed  and in April 2018 a decision was taken to install an SSES Coanda Screen Cleaner at Rumbling Bridge.  The system was commissioned for Rumbling Bridge in September 2018 and so far has avoided anyone entering the river to clean manually.  This promotes consistent production without dips caused by the weir clogging up.  

Glendevon Energy carried out the installation  using locally fabricated steel work and spare cores in the head level sensor cable to run the 48V power supply to the battery pack that powers the DC drive system.

Selling and installing the SSES weir cleaners presented a natural fit with Glendevon’s existing operations in the renewable heating market so we’ve teamed up with SSES to act as their UK Service Partner.

We’d be delighted to  discuss your requirements and  provide a quotation. Various payment options are available.”   

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