Glendevon Energy have extensive experience of selling and installing renewable energy systems for domestic, commercial, light industrial and agricultural customers. To view Glendevon Energy installations visit our Projects Page.

Our in-house Engineers currently focus on installing Biomass projects for new sites, or to replace older systems across Scotland. We have Biomass MCS accreditation and sell both ETA and Windhager Wood Pellet and Chip Systems.

Call us on 01577 840579 to discuss your requirements and for further information on installing a Wood Pellet System or Wood Chip System please email or call us.

Hugh Wallace also works with landowners and communities to develop Hydro Projects, pulling together a team to complete feasibility, consents, construction and operational works. Email Hugh or call 01577 854579 to discuss opportunities for your site and click here for further information.


Contact our team on 01577 840579 or email to discuss how Glendevon Energy can meet your requirements

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