Pitscandly House and Garden Cottage along with Gow Antiques Workshop and Showroom are now all heated with a 95kW wood pellet boiler…

Gow Antiques Workshop and Showroom, Pitscandly House and Garden Cottage are now all heated with a 95kW wood pellet boiler.  The ETA PE-K 90 was supplied, installed and commissioned by Glendevon Energy and replaces electric, back boiler and oil systems respectively.

Pitscandly House and Gow Antiques, Forfar Pitscandly House and Gow Antiques, Forfar

The biomass system is located in a remote boiler house and independently controls each building’s heating.  The ETA boiler is connected to the internet enabling remote support and monitoring of the heating controls by Glendevon Engineers.



Jeremy Gow comments “I have been very happy as a client with the installation of the system …    Jamie is a very good first point of contact and it is him that really made me go with Glendevon … Scott [installer] is a huge asset to the company”.

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