This Energy Cabin contains wood pellet boiler and fuel store, heating both the shop and flat above. Now collecting RHI payments…

County Fabrics, Kinross-shire

County Fabrics is a retailer of soft furnishing fabrics and furniture based in an old Watermill in rural Kinross-shire. The building first appears as Crook Mill on local maps of the 1800’s and produced its last flour in the 1930’s after which its condition deteriorated until a complete renovation was undertaken in early 1990’s. Since then heating had been provided by two oil fired boilers with one serving the retail premises and the other living accommodation in the flat above.

In recent years the increasing cost of heating oil had become a significant issue, and with the boilers due for replacement it was decided to invest in a biomass heating system to reduce running costs and improve the environmental profile of the property. A wood pellet system was chosen over a log boiler to provide a fully automated system that would require minimal manual involvement.
Glendevon Energy’s proposal for a 40kW Viessmann Vitoligno wood pellet boiler was selected on the basis of demonstrable track record in delivering Renewable Heat Incentive [RHI] qualifying projects, and experience of integrating highly controlled biomass systems with existing boilers.

The installation’s key features include:

  • Combined boiler house and 10 tonne pellet store in Glendevon designed Energy Cabin.
  • Block work walls with timber cladding and steel insulated pitched roof for longevity and aesthetic appeal given its located in the customer car park.
  • 30m underground pipe connections to the existing mill plant room with pipes crossing under the old mill lade.
  • Two weather compensated mixed heating circuits and one domestic hot water circuit controlled by the Viessmann system for maximum efficiency.
  • Heat metering for RHI purposes and heat sales to the residential flat.
  • Flexible augur feed to the boiler from Glendevon Energy’s innovation “Pellet Sump”.
  • “Pellet Sump” is a UK manufactured pellet store base that allows full cleaning access around all extract systems.
  • Old oil boilers left in place to provide emergency back up.

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