Glendevon Energy supplied and installed a 120kW Wood Pellet System to heat the Research and Development Workshop, Materials Store and mezzanine Office areas at Whittaker Engineering Ltd.  The system comprises two 60kW Windhager BioWIN boilers in cascade, with a 3,000 litre buffer tank, Sabina air heating fan coil units for the factory floors, and a radiator system for the Office.  The boilers automatically self-feed via an external bulk store.

For optimal efficiency the distribution control includes independently programmable zones using weather compensated output, which means the heating is automatically adjusted in line with current climate conditions.  The two boilers in cascade enable a modulating output from 18-120KW.  The cascade controls coordinate boiler firing to ensure even use and thus prolonged longevity of both boilers, which is important in securing the 20 years of returns from the Non Domestic RHI.

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