Barnyards & Murthill Farms, Forfar 

  • Phase 1:  ETA Hack 130kW Wood Chip & Pellet System with 4,000L Buffer Tank, supplying heat and hot water to four properties 
  • Phase 2:  ETA Hack 199kW Wood Chip System with 5,000L buffer tank and 100m buried heat main.  Drying wood chips for the Barnyards Farm District Heating Scheme, heating Blacksmith’s workshop and two neighbouring domestic properties.   

Customer designed converted the shed for chip drying including adding a drying floor that can take the weight of a tractor driving in to deliver/ load chip.   

Family HomeKinross-shire 

  • Wood Pellet Boiler: ETA PC 20kW  
  • Replacing:  Electric Heating 
  • Fuel Store:  Bagged pellets into custom built store in garage 

New Build:  Alloa, Clackmannanshire

  • Wood Pellet Boiler: ETA PU 15kW 
  • HeatingRadiators, Under Floor Heating and Hot water 
  • Fuel Store:  Wooden container in garage filled with bagged pellets 

Whittaker Engineering, Stonehaven

  • Phase 1:  120kW Wood Pellet System (2 x 60kW Windhager Boilers in cascade) 
  • Phase 2:  700kW Wood Chip System (2 x 350kW ETA Boilers with two 4,000L buffer tanks) 
  • The Chip System, which generates enough output to heat a School or Cottage Hospital, is heating the production site at Whittaker Engineering Including 3 factory floors, offices and a workshop.   Two ETA HACK 350 boilers work in cascade to deliver up to 666kW of heat, via two 4000L buffer tanks.  Whittaker Engineering have designed and built a new plant room and wood chip store to house the boilers and bespoke feed system.   

The chip store is located above the boiler room to crucially minimise the plant foot print.  The system uses 3 vertical filling augers to load the chip into the store and minimise time the delivery lorry is in the yard area.  An agitator with dual auger extract system then fuels the boiler via two drop chutes to the boilers below.    


Testimonial from Ken Whittaker, Managing Director 

I write to you on a cold morning and coming into our workshops where it is lovely and warm. 

Our two new ETA 350 KW woodchip boilers are working perfectly and reliably, they are often shown to visiting customers when they comment on the comfortable working conditions. The woodchip loading system has now become a non-event and the augers  

feed in the woodchip in a very gradual and predictable manner. 

Of course our two Windhager wood pellet boilers continue to operate like clockwork heating the three separate workshops, they are now taken for granted. 

The back-up we have had from your maintenance technicians has been first class and their servicing has been quick and discreet.  

All in all we are very satisfied with Glendevon Energy with the installation and support of our ETA and Windhager biomass boilers. 

Our new heating system is efficient, sustainable and very economical. 



Colm Lawlor from Innasol adds “Having installed this the first 700kW HACK 350 biomass twin boiler cascaded system in Scotland we at Innasol can only echo the praise given for the team at Glendevon Energy.  As a key member of the Innasol Customer Excellence Installer programme they have certainly delivered an excellent project here at Whittaker Engineering, helping to reduce their energy costs and carbon emissions… great job well done“.