One of our service customers with a Ground Source Heat Pump  installed in 2006 by others had experienced a catalogue of issues over the last two years including needing a new compressor and soft start. So when the supply cables over heated again he decided that rather than continue with repairs it was time to invest in a new heat pump.

Glendevon Energy carried out a thorough survey of the property to ascertain the correct sizing, check radiator outputs and the specification of the boreholes.  This concluded that the original heat pump sizing was probably too large  although the next size down would be too small. Therefore the replacement was specified with a buffer and the maximum output restricted on the new unit, a Stiebel Elton 12kW heat pump, also with integrated hot water cylinder.

The electricity supply was also checked by the customers electrician and re configured according to Stiebel Eltron’s requirements for separate supplies for the controls, compressor and immersion.  As part of the installation Glendevon power flushed the radiator system and this was found to contain significant debris that was restricting circulation through the radiators which was probably a significant cause of issues.  A magnetic filter was also fitted so that the cleaning process can continue whenever the circulation pump is running.

The new Stiebel Eltron system required significant pipe work changes to accommodate the buffer tank  but luckily the existing plant room was large enough to accommodate.   The new appliance is also connected to the internet which has allowed Glendevon Energy to check on its performance remotely.  This has shown a very healthy COP of well over 4 in cold weather which is very impressive given the radiator distribution.