This winter has seen a rise in the number of customers looking for Solar Thermal Service and Repair.  Solar Thermal Systems can be hugely successful at pre-heating hot water for properties – reducing fuel bills and lowering your carbon footprint.  However to work efficiently and promote longevity regular servicing is recommended, ideally every 2 years for a Standard Service and every 5-8 years for an Extended Service.  Please click for pricing.


A Standard Service includes checking operation and settings, checking the expansion vessel and system pressure, and circulating the system for air.  Air in the system is the most common reason for loss of pressure and performance in a Solar Thermal System and with our specialist pumps we can expel the air to increase performance.  An Extended Service includes changing the fluids – this is only done if the fluids are seen to be breaking down – often exhibited as ‘black’ or ‘sticky’.  Heat transfer is then compromised, parts can be damaged and the system can stop working altogether.


In terms of repairs, the most common parts needing replacement are pumps, expansion vessels, sensors and controllers – all of which should be readily available and possible to change over with minimal disruption.  In some cases, the collectors on the roof need replacement/ repair.  This can sometimes be done by two Engineers from ladders but often requires scaffolding for safe access.  Whilst it can mean multiple visits to troubleshoot, remove panels and replace – the results are exciting with systems back to full power and customers experiencing fully functioning systems again.


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