Troubleshooting Biomass

Ignition Elements

Ignition failed?  High O2?  Maximum heating time exceeded?  Just some of the error messages that come up when you have an Ignition Element issue.


Glendevon Energy can help! 


For larger Wood Pellet or Wood Chip Boilers. Leicester Ignition Elements (1100W or 1600W) can be repaired by replacing the ‘Ceramic Heat Element’ or ‘Brushes’ … only in extreme cases does the whole unit have to be replaced. 


For smaller boilers it may be possible to resolve issues by cleaning soot off, but generally once Ignition Elements fail they need replacing.  We carry stock of brands such as ETA, Windhager and Froling. 




How can you look after your ignition element?  The key is routine maintenance and cleaning – making sure the ignition element is clear of soot/ debris, and burning high quality pellets which create less dust and stress on the ignition element. 


Need help with your Ignition Element or Biomass Boiler?  Call us on 01577 840579 to speak to an Engineer or book a visit today!